Specialize in Advanced Materials and Devices with a Masters’ Degree in Electrical Engineering at UCR

Advanced Materials and Devices refer to the study of novel materials, and designing and fabricating electronic, optoelectronic, magnetic, spintronic, thermoelectric and other devices base on these materials. Many technological advancements and innovations start at the materials level. Continuous progress in electronic industry relies heavily on introduction of new gate dielectric materials and metals for interconnects. Increasing efficiency of photovoltaic and thermoelectric renewable energy conversion is not possible without new materials. Recent progress in two-dimensional materials opened opportunities for creating electronic and optoelectronic devices with previously not achievable performance and functionalities. Development of spintronics creates foundation for information processing with ultra-low energy dissipation. Expertise in advanced materials and devices is required for employment with major defense contractors such as Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and others, as well as electronic industry leaders and government laboratories.

As part of your Electrical Engineering MS program at UC Riverside, you will be prepared for advanced materials and devices career by receiving training in the multidisciplinary areas, including:

  • Applied quantum mechanics
  • Solid-state electronics
  • Semiconductors and heterostructures
  • Electronic and magnetic properties of materials
  • Electromagnetics and antenna theory
  • Advanced fabrication and manufacturing
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