Specialize in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology with a Masters’ Degree in Electrical Engineering at UCR

Nanoscience and nanotechnology refer to the study, manipulation and engineering materials and structures at the scale of nanometers. At this length scale, important material properties, including electrical, optical, thermal and mechanical, are often different from those at macroscale owing to quantum and other effects. Nanotechnology refers to the application of nanoscience leading to synthesis of nanomaterials and manufacturing nanoscale devices with novel functionalities. Expertise in nanoscience and nanotechnology is required for employment with leading electronic industry companies such as Intel Corporation, Apple, Micron, Global Foundries and others, NASA, government laboratories as well as major defense contractors.

As part of your Electrical Engineering MS program at UC Riverside, you will be prepared for nanoscience and nanotechnology career by receiving training in the multidisciplinary areas, including:

  • Solid-state physics and electronic properties of materials
  • Nanoscale characterization techniques
  • Electromagnetics, nano-optics and nano-photonics
  • Advanced fabrication and manufacturing
  • Nano-medicine and bio nanotechnology
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