Areas of Research

Covering more than 100 areas of research, the ECE department has a robust research program that pursues solutions across numerous industries. Building on our already diverse faculty and student population, the research program is designed to promote interdisciplinary collaboration with engagement from other colleges on campus, universities throughout the world and business leaders in various fields of industry.

Communication and Signal Processing

  • Investigation and development of communication and signal processing theories
  • Algorithms and systems for wireless and network communications
  • Video and multimedia technologies

Controls and Robotics

  • Theories and methods of modeling, identification and design of highly complex control systems
  • Planning and analysis of motion, navigation and control of autonomous vehicles and robotic systems

Computer Engineering

  • Special investigations in embedded systems, high-speed networks, analog, RF and mixed-signal integrated circuits, VLSI and CAD

Power Systems and Smart Grid

  • Development and demonstration of smart grid applications
  • Power system analysis and optimization
  • Electricity market design
  • Renewable energy integration
  • Power system security

Intelligent Systems

  • Development of image processing theories and tools for computer visualization and graphics
  • Machine learning, pattern recognition, intelligent transportation systems and intelligent vehicle technology

Nanoscale Materials, Devices and Circuits

  • Theoretical, computational and experimental investigation of nanostructures
  • Development of new bio- and opto-electronic materials, devices and circuits
  • MEMS